Bio-Circle Liquid Heavy Duty

Bio-Circle Liquid

The slightly alkaline cleaning medium for the usage in the parts cleaner BIO-CIRCLE. It dissolves processing oils, cutting coolants, anti-corrosion products, greases and similar contaminations as well as particle contaminations from the parts.

The BIO-CIRCLE Liquid Heavy Duty benefits from the powers of Nature in order to provide for user-friendly, ecofriendly, and economical parts washing. It cleans without any solvents or cold cleaners, thus protecting the employee and the environment from highly volatile vapours.

The BIO-CIRCLE Liquid Heavy Duty is ready for use, which eliminates the risk of incorrect dilution and variations in quality, and the necessity of regular bath analyses. The aqueous BIO-CIRCLE Liquid Heavy Duty does not pit the surfaces; all materials from plastics to steel can be cleaned.

Bio-Circle Liquid Heavy Duty features a bath lifetime that is up to four times as long as with cold cleaners. Even with a higher contamination input a constantly good cleaning result is achieved. Bio-Circle Liquid Heavy Duty means no hazard to humans and the environment, paired with high efficiency and cost effectiveness.