About Us

Revolution Advanced Metals & Materials is a new company dedicated to revolutionary materials with revolutionary service.

Modern industrial companies need a partner in material supply that can source the right material to the right specification at the right time. We at Revolution Materials recognise and understand that you need prompt service without the excuses. The partners in Revolution Materials have a combined experience in the metals supply industry of more than 30 years. In that time they have worked for some of the major international suppliers in Australia, such as Sandvik, Avesta and Inco Alloys.

Our vast network of contacts around the world, in Europe, Asia and North America, range from full-scale rolling mills through specialist manufacturers to national and local stockists. We regularly receive enquiries for uncommon materials and specifications not stocked in Australia, and through our contacts are able to meet our customers' needs and supply to to specification.

We are also proud to have the support of two leading international manufacturers, as their exclusive agent for Australia.

CB-Chemie und Biotechnologie GmbH are a leading German Manufacturer of environmentally-friendly and user-safe industrial cleaning, maintenance, protective and welding products. The use of Bio-Chem products, in particular the revolutionary Bio-Circle bioremedial parts washer, allow companies to reduce their impact on the environment, improve worker safety and comfort, and even make a contribution to the bottom line by improving productivity with cost-effective solutions. Bio-Chem products are compliant with the new SA (Social Accountability) standards, helping companies achieve these important new standards.

Duraloy Technologies, Inc. are one of the world's oldest manufacturers of centrifugal and static castings in high-alloys. But while they may have been around for a long time, they are still a leader in their field, with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and quality assurance programs. Servicing the steel, furnace, heat treatment and petrochemical industries, Duraloy have carved a reputation for quality and reliability second to none.