Alloy Steels (inc. Chrome-Moly Steels)

An alloy steel is defined as a steel with more than 1.65% manganese, 0.6% silicon, 0.4% copper, 0.3% chromium, 0.08% molybdenum or other minimum quantities of elements such as nickel, tungesten or cobalt. There are many grades available in this family, each with its own distinct properties.

Generally we tend to supply grades not readily available in Australia, which can be to ASTM, DIN, BS or other standards. These can be in many forms:

Some of the specifications available include:

ASTM A182 Grades F1 - F5 - F9 - F11 - F22
ASTM A193 Grades B7 - B16
ASTM A203 Grades E-PVQ
ASTM A204 Grades B-PVQ - C-PVQ
ASTM A209 Grades T1 - T1A - Tb
ASTM A213 Grades T2 - T5 - T11 - T12 - T22
ASTM A335 Grades P1 - P2 - P5 - P9 - P11 - P12 - P22
ASTM A350 Grades LF1 - LF2 - LF3
ASTM A387 Grades 5-PVQ - 9-PVQ - 11-PVQ - 12-PVQ - 22-PVQ - 91-PVQ
ASTM A514 Grades BHN 321-360 - A - B - E - F - H - Q
ASTM A588 Grades A - B - C - Modified
ASTM A607 Grade 50

If you are looking for these materials, please contact us with your enquiry.