Bio-Circle Liquids

    Order Number Description Attributes
Bio-Circle Liquids BIO-CIRCLE Liquid A...26 Waterbased, pH-neutral cleaner for the application in the parts washer BIO-CIRCLE. Removes oil, grease and particle contaminations. VOC free
Hautgutachten Bio-Circle L
Ö-Norm Bio-Circle L
NSF Bio-Circle L
Bio-Circle Liquids BIO-CIRCLE Liquid Alu A...99 Water based, pH-adjusted cleaner for the usage in the parts washer BIO-CIRCLE. Especially for the removal of light oils from aluminium. VOC free
Hautgutachten BCL Alu
Bio-Circle Liquids BIO-CIRCLE Liquid Heavy Duty A...98 Water based, slightly alkaline cleaner for the use in the parts washer BIO-CIRCLE. Removes even heavy oils and greases. VOC free
Hautgutachten BCL Heavy Dut
Liquid Turbo