Bio Circle

BIO-CIRCLE parts washer

The Bio-Circle™ is comfortable to use and ecofriendly, and it offers the optimal solution to any cleaning requirement.
It is easy to use; even heavily contaminated parts are cleaned in a fast, secure and eco-friendly way; the VOCfree liquid has a very long lifetime; the BIO-CIRCLE cost-effectiveness cannot be beaten. 
The BIO-CIRCLE runs without solvents and helps you meet the high requirements of the currently effective solvent regulation* (Germany: 31. BImSchV [31st Federal Immission Control Regulation], Austria: VOC-Anlagen-Verordnung [VOC Plant Regulation] – VAV). Replace your cold cleaner parts washer with the BIO-CIRCLE and make an active contribution towards increasing occupational safety for your staff, and towards protecting the environment.

Our Range

Bio-Circle Mini
Bio-Circle Compact
Bio-Circle Compact
Bio-Circle Maxi
Bio-Circle Maxi
Working Area 610 x 500mm 740 x 540 mm 880 x 582 mm
Capacity 90kg 100 kg 220 kg
Working height 1010/820 mm 1040/900 mm 960/820 mm
Operating 15-48°C, PREDEFINED plant. Ca. 41°C 15-48°C, PREDEFINED plant. Ca. 41°C 15-48°C, PREDEFINED plant. Ca. 4°C
Heating about 700 W about 750 W about 750 W
Pump 40W 40W 40W
Optimal full amount 80 Litre 90 Litre 100 Litre
Material LDPE plastic LDPE plastic LDPE plastic
Weight (empty) ca.40kg ca.45kg ca.60kg
Electrical connection 230 V, 50 Hz 230 V, 50 Hz 230 V, 50 Hz
Order G70026 G50026 G60026
  Bio-Circle Turbo
Bio-Circle Turbo
  Bi-Circle Customised Design
Customised Designs
Bin diameter or
work surface (W x D)
800 x 1200 mm   Tecvhnische data
Capacity 160-250 kg   depending on the customer
Working height 115 mm   different
Operating 50°C    
Heating 4.5 kW    
pump 2.2kW    
Optimal full amount 120-380 l    
Material Stainless steel V2A    
Weight (empty) 250-350 kg    
Electrical connection 400 V, 50 Hz    
Order G40027, G42027, G43027