Bio-Circle Approvals

The Deutsche Bahn tested and approved the Bio-CircleTM Liquid.
BMW Motorrad approved the Bio-CircleTM Liquid
Sach.-Nr. 3254 535
Bio-CircleTM and Bio-CircleTM Liquid are listed in the NATO-catalogue.
Bio-Circle: NSN 4940-20-002-8394
Bio-Circle Liquid: NSN 6850-20-002-8673

These numbers are valid in the 26 member states of the NATO.
CB Chemie: DUNS Number: 329775605, NCAGE Code (Nato Commercial and Governmental Entity): DC 804
Parts-No. Q E 111 AB5JIW
For 20L and 200L Bio-CircleTM Liquid 
Mat.-No. A 29 1088 for Bio-CircleTM Liquid
Approval (TOX) Number: 180678
Bio-CircleTM L
 was approved at Ford in Sao Bernardo do Campo (Brazil).
Approvalnumber for the Bio-CircleTM Liquid: B0401984
B No.0667 350 020 for Bio-CircleTM Liquid 
SAP-Nr.: 4509099 for Bio-Circle Liquid (200 l barrel)
Bio-Circle and Bio-Circle L up to now no material number
Bio-CircleTM Liquid 20L 
Mat.Nr. 0000114108
FIAT in Brazil the Bio-CircleTM L is approved since July 2008.