Lubricating with

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Lubricating with bio-chem means the application of well-chosen special lubricants with high capabilities. Extended service life and less maintenance are the advantages of the bio-chem special lubricants.

The new environmentally conscious dimension for the deformation process. Contains no mineral or synthetic oil. For the deformation of steel and stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, and aluminium.

High-performance lubricant. Separates and lubricates up to 1200°C. Withstands very high pressure, protects against corrosion. Free of nickel and copper.

Chain Spray
Combined lubricant. Due to the excellent capillary capabilities, this product also lubricates the inner bearings of a chain. Good adhesion.

Cutting Coolant Milky, Cutting Coolant Transparent
Water suluble. This cutter coolant is perfect for cutting and shaping processes in the metal industry.

Cutting Oil, Aluminium Cutting Oil
Transparent cutting oil with excellent cooling and lubricating effects. Low foaming. Aluminium cutting oil

Food Tech Grease Food Tech Oil
Lubricant based on high purity greases for lubrication in the food industry. Colourless, odourless and tasteless. DAB 10.

Metal-free Anti-Seize
White high-performance lubricant. Separates and lubricates up to 1400°C. Withstands very high pressure. Excellent for stainless steel.