Duraloy Technologies, Inc

Revolution Advanced Metals & Materials is the agent in Australia and New Zealand for Duraloy Technologies, Inc, a technology leader in engineering, design, research and the development and production of high-alloy heat-resistant castings since the 1920's. Duraloy was the first foundry in the U.S. to centrifugally cast high alloys for the metal-producing, heat-treating and petrochemical industries. Duraloy, as the industry leader in alloy development, was also the first foundry to add niobium to the traditional HP alloy to produce what is now an industry standard - the MO-RE 10® alloy.

Exceptional patented and trademarked alloys developed by Duraloy, such as the MO-RE® family of heat resistant alloys, 22H® and Super 22H®, are still worldwide industry standards for heat resistant alloys and the alloys of choice for many heat resistant applications.

ISO 9001 Quality Assurance
Duraloy was the first US foundry to be accredited to ISO 9001 registered, in July 1997. By achieving ISO 9001 registration, Duraloy's customers are assured of consistent and reliable product; continuous process, and therefore, product improvement; and the assurance of management's commitment to the highest quality standards.

Duraloy Worldwide
Duraloy has successfully blended their excellent technology and alloy base with global sales and marketing support to re-established Duraloy as an innovative world-wide leader serving the:

  • steel
  • furnace builders
  • petrochemical and
  • commercial heat treating industries

with cost-effective quality products, leading-edge alloys and innovative engineered solutions.





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