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bio-chem corrosion protection products offer a great variety. Zinc pastes and sprays - of course without CFCs as propellant - wax and oil. We have the right corrosion protection product for your application.

Penetrates and repels moisture and protects metals against corrosion during temporary indoor storage.

Anti-Rust Oil
Long-term corrosion protection oil for metals and machine parts during storage indoors or outdoors.

Anti-Rust Wax
Sea-water resistant long-term corrosion protection for metals, machine parts, and tools. It forms a highly dynamic and flexible protective coating.

Water-based varnish coating, protects gliding surfaces, threads etc during the galvanizing process.

Corrosion Protection for Water Based Systems
BIO-CHEM Corrosion Protection for water based systems is an effective corrosion inhibitor for aqueous BIO-CHEM cleaners. Optimal results are reached in neutral to alkaline solutions.


Reactive Corrosion Protection
Long-term corrosion protection. Oxygen is extraced from the rust. A change of colour from white to black is visible while a solid plastic protective coating forms. 1

Stainless Steel Spray
Metal spray made from micro-fine stainless steel powder, giving long-lasting protection against corrosion and the effects of the weather. Highly resistant to acids, alkalines and other aggressive elements. 1

Zinc Paste, Zinc Spray
Long-term cathodic corrosion protection. 99% zinc purity, 95% zinc when dried.

Zinc Paste Silver, Zinc Spray Silver
Light gloss. Long lasting cathodic corrosion protection. 99% zinc purity, for repairs on freshly galvanized parts.