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bio-chem cleansing agents are ecologically friendly and beneficial alternatives to conventional products and substitutes for CFCs and other solvents. bio-chem cleansing agents meet the latest technological requirements, improve working conditions for the user and get good marks in critical environmental examinations.

Cleaning with bio-chem for general industrial workshop and factory cleaning
Special Products
specific products for domestic and commercial applications
INOX Range for stainless steel and non-ferous metals
STARS Range for automatic parts washing systems

Cleaning & Servicing in Sanitary Facilities
Computer & Office Cleaning

Cleaning with bio-chem

Bio Aluminium Cleaner
Intensive cleansing agent for cleaning and degreasing of aluminium, non-ferrous metal, iron and steel parts, as well as delicate surfaces without affecting the materials. Available foamless and foaming.

Bio General Purpose Cleaner
Highly concentrated cleansing and degreasing fluid. For cleaning industrial machinery and equipment, in all branches of industry as well as in the home or for hobbies. Available foamless and foaming.

Bio General Purpose Cleaner with Corrosion Protection
Highly concentrated cleansing and degreasing fluid with corrosion inhibitors protecting surfaces against corrosion. Available foamless and foaming.

Bio General Purpose Cleaner "S"
Intensive cleaner for removing resinous oils and greases, pigment colours, and other residue.
Available with Corrosion Protection, and foamless and foaming.

Bio General Purpose Cleaner "S" Viscous
Intensive cleaner for removing resinous oils and greases, pigment colours, and other residue. The cleaner is in jelly form, making cleaning on vertical parts simple.

General Purpose Cleaner with Bio Alcohol
Cleans and degreases delicate surfaces without damanage. Quick drying.

An aqueous alkaline cleaner, especially for cleaning and degreasing machines, tools, workshop equipment, vehicles, etc.

Corrosion Protection for Water Based Systems
BIO-CHEM Corrosion Protection for water based systems is an effective corrosion inhibitor for aqueous BIO-CHEM cleaners. Optimal results are reached in neutral to alkaline solutions.

Citrus Intensive Cleaner
Water-based deep cleaner made of citrus peel extracts. Removes bitumen, light adhesive residue, resins, nicotine, oil and grease.

Defoamer, Defoamer Silicone-free
Outstanding anti-foam agents especially designed for usage in water based BIO-CHEM cleaners. Fast and permanent foam destruction.

Disinfectant Cleaner
Removes limestone, cement, urinary calculus, moss, algae, and rust, disinfecting the the cleaned area at the same time.

Final Touch
Wipes clean without streaking. Leaves no residues. Fast drying. Non-flammable.

Hand Cleaner
Gentle Hand Cleaner in a practical dispenser - water is no longer necessary.

A range of products for the cleanig and care of stainless steel and non-ferrous surfaces.
INOX-Clean - a powerful cleaner for stainless steel and non-ferrous metals
INOX-New - contains abrasives for removing stubborn dirt
INOX-Care - highly refined pure oil, for a softly gleaming protective film
INOX-Protect - highly concentrated for cleaning and protecting stainless steel
INOX-Top - cleans, protects and maintains stainless steel and other surfaces
For more information, go to the INOX page.

Liquid that offers degreasing and phosphatizing in one step.

Power Cleaner Hygiene & Mineral
Loosens and removes limestone, cement smears, urinary calculus, moss, algae, rust, and all other mineral-based dirt.


Power Cleaner DB
Acidic, foamless cleaner for mechanical removal of scale, rust, oxidation and urine residues. Also suitable for decalcification of spraying and degreasing machines.

Power Cleaner Special
Highly concentrated cleaner for removal of subborn and ingrained mineral-based dirt. Even oil and soiled concrete can be easily cleaned, even salt/oxidation marks on brickwork, cement, and concrete can be removed.

Rapid Cleaner
Removes resin, adhesives, grease, oils, bitumen, and paint residue. Dries in seconds.

Smoke Resin Remover, Smoke Resin Remover Special DB
Removes smoke stains, resinous grease or oil, and protein residue.
Brochure Also available if foamless.

Special Cleaner, Special Cleaner Light, Special Cleaner No 1, Special Cleaner Ultra
Intensive cleaner based on citrus peel extracts for effective removal of resins, adhesives, rubber, bitumen, graffiti, etc. Dries in seconds.

Low, medium and high alkaline cleaners and degreasers for use in parts washing machines, spray plants, immersion and other automatic cleaning equipment.
A gentle cleaner especially for use in machine cleaning and degreasing of parts.
Slightly stronger cleaner than Alu-STAR, gives slight brightening of surface
Alu-STAR Extra
Stronger than Alu-STAR, for industrial degreasing of aluminium
Alu-STAR Turbo
Stronger again, for powerful cleaning of aluminium
An economical cleaner especially for use in machine cleaning and degreasing of parts.
Power STAR
A highly concentrated cleaner especially for use in machine cleaning and degreasing of parts. For extreme dirt and contamination.
Brochure 1 Brochure 2

Stripe Free
Removal of oil & dust from delicate surfaces. Free of smears, dries in seconds.

Stripper Liquid, Stripper Gel
Highly effective graffiti and paint stripper with good solubility.


Cleaning with bio-chem Special Products

For effective removal of algae from footpaths, walls, roofing, teraces, balconies etc. Long-term effect.

Carpet Cleaner
Cleans and cares carpets. May be used in spray extraction appliances.

Carpet Cleaner Crystal
Liquid cleaner. Binds the dirt in crystals. Quick drying.

Clean & Shiny
Cleans and protects cars without additional water. Can also be used for refreshing and caring of window frames, shower cabins, lastics, etc.

Coffee Machine Cleaner
Cleaning and caring of coffee and espresso machines.

Fireplace Glass
Cleaner Intensive cleaner for rremoval of soot, carbon, and other residues from fireplace glasses.

Foam Cleaner
BIO-CHEM Foam Cleaner is powerful cleaning foam for streak-free-cleanliness. Versatile product.

Hair Remove-Drain Free
Fast working cleaner for removing hair, soap, blood, etc. from blocked siphons, pipes, and drains.

The all-round power for removing stubborn dirt, from A to Z.

Rubbel-Dubbel Hand Cleaner
BIO-CHEM Rubbel-Dubbel Hand Cleaner are moist cleaning towels for efficient waterless and time saving hand cleaning. Also suitable for tool and machine cleaning. Rubbel-Dubbel

Stain Killer
Professional stain remover for carpets, upholstery, and textiles.

Vertical-Blind Cleaner
For the maintenance and effective cleaning of vertical-blind curtains.

Ceiling Cleaner A, B
Professional, highly concentrated cleaners for system celling made of mineral fibre as well as acoustic cellings.

Metal Ceiling Cleaner
For cleaning metal and plastic indoor ceilings as well as lamp shades.


Cleaning and Servicing in Sanitary Facilities with bio-chem

Cleaner WLU
Specially designed for cleaning of waterless urinals. Does not attack the sealing liquid.

Dissolver US
Removes urine sediments from the siphons traps of waterless urinals. Can also be used for the removal of urine incrustations and scale in flushed urinals and piping.

Sealing Liquid
Effective sealing liquid for the siphon taps of waterless urinals.

Urine Attack
BIO-CHEM Urine Attack is a new revolutionary method to put an end to urine stench in public and private toilets. Bad odours are not disguised but eliminated fast and reliable by micro-organisms.


Computer and Office Cleaning with bio-chem

Air Duster
Blows dust & other dirt out of the smallest gaps

Antistatic Screen Cleaner
Streak-free cleaning of screens (computer, TV), overhead projectors, glass of copying machines, etc.

CD Rom Cleaner
Cleaning and maintenance of CDs and CD-ROMs.

Data Intensive Cleaner
For plastic and wooden surfaces (computer, telephone, desks, etc.).

Hand Cleaner
Gentle Hand Cleaner in a practical dispenser - water is no longer necessary.

Ink-Jet Cleaner
Cleaning and maintenance of ink-jet printers.

Laser Cleaner
Cleaning and maintenance of laser printers.

Notebook Cleaner
For cleaning and maintaining TFT screens, keyboards, and plastic surfaces.

White Board Cleaner
Cleaning of white boards, flip charts, and all coated boards.